Why Volunteers Choose To Stay In Cambodia

Though decades of war and internal conflict have resulted in a poor and struggling Cambodia, the determination of its people and the richness of its culture has taught the world a lesson on humility and contentment. The quality of volunteer Cambodia produces continue to narrate heart warming stories of their week long journey. It has truly changed not just the lives of the locals, but the lives of volunteers as well. With a lot of destinations available today, here are a few reasons why volunteers choose to stay in Cambodia:

volunteer Cambodia

1. To Have Enriched Volunteering Work

Help raise the next generation by educating children and providing them with lessons on reading, mathematics and other basic skills that may not be easily available in indigenous communities.

Get to know how locals are able to preserve the natural beauty of their land by assisting in cleaning villages and promoting a clean and hygienic lifestyle among people in the area. You may even help promote the use of clean and renewable energy in some places.

Bridge orphans with potential families by helping them find the right adoptive parents who are willing to love and care for these little ones. Offer your assistance to these ophanages in facilitiating the needs that these children may hold.

Learn more about this challenging role by checking out Gap year programs for volunteering in Cambodia.

2. To Be Stunned By The Country’s Beauty

Though impoverished, one cannot deny the awe-inspiring beauty of Cambodia’s tourist spots. One would trade in luxurious cars and five star hotels for a day of biking in one of the most beautiful landscapes still existing. Cambodia lives off from their tourism insdustry as they know it will provide them with the money that is needed to ensure that they will survive and maintain their lands. One of the more interesting volunteer Cambodia activities that you can get into can entail helping to promote tourism in the region. All work and no fun can result into a boring volunteer. Try getting into one of their Tuk Tuks and explore the country in all its bare and colorful culture.

3. To Inspire and Be Inspired

One other part of Gap year volunteering in Cambodia worth discovering is assisting people around the land with facilitating healthy spaces. You can help with many points relating to the environment out here:

·        You can promote the creation of new gardens that are capable of growing foods that can thrive and be easy to grow in a country like this.

·        You may also assist people in learning about how to use energy responsibly.

·        Farms that raise livestock for food purposes can also be cultivated. You can teach people how to prepare food in this land and use them to their benefit.

You may be amazed at the variety of things that you can do when it comes to a volunteer Cambodia project. You will not only enjoy your time here but you will also know that you are making a positive difference in the world.

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