Why Do People Use Bottled Ink Even Today

If you thought that bottled ink is only to be used by those old fashioned people who love to write with ink pens, then you are highly mistaken. According to the latest reports, computer printers have taken to using bottled ink at reasonable rates which give perfect and flawless printing. There are many varieties of inks and they come in handy for various purposes. Of course, they are used for writing but calligraphy writing and normal writing require different and specialised inks. Thus, the demand for such inks in the market has not gone down even though most people use the computer or laptops to type instead of physically writing anything down.

bottled ink

Here are some reasons as to why bottled ink is so famous even today and is high in demand:

  • Reasonable Rate: Even though at times, you might find that a bottle of ink is a little more expensive than a cartridge, the per unit cost of printing with bottled ink is very low as compared to that of cartridges. Thus, in many printers, the former is used instead of the latter nowadays.
  • More colour choices: When it comes to ink you have a lot of choice of colours which is absent in other mediums. If you are to buy luxury fountain pens then you would be knowing that the choice of the ink colour extends from black, blue and red to green, brown and even purple. So many colour choices are hardly seen anywhere and thus satisfy the taste of every person on every occasion.
  • Eco-friendly: This might be a thought that needs quite a lot of contemplation but it is true that inks are way more eco-friendly than any other type of refill. This is because the ink bottles are mostly made of glass and have a hard paper packaging. Both can be recycled. Thus, most of your stationery including notebooks such as Clairefontaine Notebooks and the ink are recyclable in nature making them eco-friendly and causing less pollution in the environment.
  • No Other Choice: Some pens only require ink to be filled in the refills with the help of a dropper. Though such pens are usually ink pens but some luxury pens are also made of the same system which demands ink to be directly filled into the tubes. Thus, you are left with no other choice but to use bottled ink.
  • Smooth Writing: There is a typical smoothness in the writing which is developed if you use bottled ink. Also, when you write on notebooks such as Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks which have silky paper, the handwriting runs smoothly and makes it look beautiful and good.
  • Memories: There was a time when ink pens were most in demand. In those days, people used to write letters in ink pens and preserve them. Writing with an ink pen by filling it with ink from a bottle has nostalgia attached to it. This makes some people want to relive their memories and thus they prefer to write with ink pens rather than anything else.

Thus, these are the reasons why people still love using bottled ink and an ink pen over modern technologies.