Tips on Ideal Location for Outdoor Security Cameras

An outdoor security camera is designed to provide monitoring within the premises of your home or business establishment. It is designed to prevent theft or to obtain video evidence in case of theft or break-ins. If you decide to invest in outdoor security camera Melbourne has today, make sure you choose the location properly. The location of the camera will determine what you can capture and that the law enforcement agencies can use that date later on.

Protect your home or business with an outdoor security camera Melbourne providers offer by placing them on any of these locations.

Front Door

According to law enforcement agencies, 34% of burglars enter your home or property through the front door. While it might seem like a stupid idea, it is a reality! Therefore, do not forget to install a surveillance camera in your front door. With a camera covering the perimeter within your front door, you can see who is attempting to enter your house through this door.

Back Door

While 34% of burglars enter through the front door, 22% of them enter through the back door, law enforcers claim. The reason for this is that burglars think that the back door entry is more discreet. Hence, do not forget to install a surveillance camera to capture activities in your back door too.

Any High Point Location

There are several reasons why you need to place your camera in any high point location. First off, it prevents the burglars from tampering with it or destroying it since they won’t be able to access the camera. Second, it also covers more area than if you were to focus it on one part of the house or property only.

If you were to place a camera in a high point location, make sure that it is high quality. That way, you can still get clear image of the burglar even when you zoom in focus on the captured video. More information brand name: Outdoor Cameras Australia

Additional Tips

While location of the camera is crucial, there are several other factors that determine the ability to capture video surveillance effectively. Below are some of the things you need to consider before installing outdoor security camera Melbourne has today:

• Keep your cameras secured. Most criminals these days are aware of the use of surveillance cameras; therefore, you have to secure your cameras or position them in such a way that they cannot be destroyed or tampered with. If they can be easily destroyed, then it loses its purpose.

• Use a wide dynamic range camera. This is important when placing cameras outdoor to ensure that you can cover a wide area.

• You should provide enough lighting within the area covered by the camera. If you cannot see the face of the culprit, then the video surveillance is rendered of no use.

An outdoor security camera does not solve everything. It is only intended to ward off criminals and burglars from your home or business. By learning the tips above, you will hopefully be able to maximize its use and intended purpose.