How to Choose Fun Team Building Activities

Teamwork is a crucial part of any organization. It enhances effective communication, productivity and better working culture and climate. One way of achieving team cohesion is through team building activities. Even so, team building events can sometimes be ‘a hit’ or ‘a miss’. If they are not planned in the right way, these activities can be merely a waste of time and money. But if you take time to plan for the event and incorporate some fun team building activities, you can be sure of coming out with a highly effective team. So, how do you choose fun team building activities? There is an endless list of team building activities you can choose from but not all of them suit your team. You need to choose the right activities that will be appreciated by all the members of the team. Below are some of the basics you need to get right when choosing team building activities.

fun team building activities

Evaluate the team

You need to be sure that the team is ready for the event. Remember that holding team building activities will add no value to the team if there are severe relationship issues among the team members. Make sure that such issues are sorted out before the day of the event. Find out if each member of the organization or department will be participating in the activity. Do not coerce members to participate. However, you may encourage them to take part on the activity by creating hype about it.

Determine your objectives

What do you want to achieve from the team building activity? The challenges you are facing in the organization should help you to decide on the objectives. Are there members who focus on their personal welfare at the expense of the group performance? Is there communication breakdown? Or are the team members in constant conflicts and divisions? These questions will help you to come up with objectives and choose the right fun team building activities.

Choose the right activities

The activities you choose should match your objectives. You will find many ideas for team building activities online; the major challenge is in choosing the right one’s for your team. To avoid making the wrong choice, engage the team and find out the exercises they would like to do. This will ensure that all the team members take part in the activities.

Be creative

For the best outcome, you may hire a professional team building facilitator. Facilitators have a wealth of experience to draw from. They know the right activities to engage the team so as to achieve the objective. If your budget does not allow a facilitated session, you can still have a fun team building event. Brainstorm ideas with the team members and research online for customized activities that meet the needs of the company.

Regardless of the team building activities you end up holding, make sure it counts. It is pointless to spend so much money and time just for the team to leave the same way they came in or worse.

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