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Exploring the Koh Samui in Thailand

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Koh Samui was once a quite Thai fishing village but it has undergone rapid transformation over the past few years. All of these are attributed to its booming tourism industry. The place still retains its old charm, somehow. It is one of those Old Thai tourist destinations which have maintained their charm, style and elegance. Koh Samui offers virtually something for everyone visiting here; ranging from its delightful cuisines to its beaches and historical attractions. There are plenty of Koh Samui hotels that will also cater for the entire spectrum of travelers ranging from the luxurious accommodations to the economy hotels and boutique hotels for the guests looking for something special.

As a tourist attraction, the island ticks all the right boxes in terms of what a traveler would expect from a destination. There are the tropical blue skies, the white sandy beaches, as well as the romantic and glorious Koh Samui sunsets. Life here seems to move on the slow lane and it is the perfect destination where you can unwind after some hard work. The airport itself is a paradise with its palm tree pillars and the landscaped gardens. It is a taste of what you are going to experience once you indulge yourself into the culture and experiences of the island.

There are several restaurants here that serve the fresh catches from the sea. You can choose to dine at the Koh Samui hotels, or if you are looking for varied tastes, dine by the seaside in any of the restaurants with the dining sets strategically placed along the beaches.

Meet the Buddha

The island hosts one of the most famous of all Buddhas in the world. This is the Big Buddha which is situated in Wat Phra Yai. It is the most famous but there are numerous others that you can sample out when you are visiting this island. The White Marble Buddha is situated in Wat Samret where you can also find the Coral Buddha. There is also the Secret Hall of the Buddhas which can be opened for you by the monks.

Take an elephant ride

Like in most areas of Thailand, the elephant is a common fixture here. You can visit the Namuang Safari Park and ride one of the elephants there. You can choose from the various packages which are offered in the park.

The Mummified Monk

This is another of the unique attractions. The monk died in 1973 and his body is still mummified in a meditating position as per his attractions in order to inspire others.

The beautiful beaches

There are Koh Samui hotels which offer you great access to the golden beaches. These are amongst the most storied beaches in the world; they are renowned for their beauty. In addition to the beaches, there are also marine parks available here and you can partake of various activities in the island including snorkeling and deep sea fishing.

Overland tours

If you want to explore further from the beaches, you can also head overland which areas host beautiful attractions. You can take flights or use the public buses which are cheaper and give you plenty of time and space for sightseeing and introspection.