Fountain Pens and Tips to Not Ignore

Stephen Valcourt is a collector of fountain pens and his hobby has earned him fame. He feels that writing with a fountain pen is a permanent practice as compared to typing on a computer. He further says that one can lose data on the computer due to any malfunction, but when it’s on a paper, it always stays provided you take care of it and store in the right conditions. Valcourt says that writing with a fountain pen does not cause hand pain. He says that he always does research online before buying a pen, and in the same manner, you can research and buy fountain pen ink that is ideal for you.

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 Advantages of fountain pen to ball point pen

Fountain pens are easy to write with. These do not cause discomfort when compared with a ball point pen. The fountain pen users would not feel cramps when they write for a long time. This is because the ball point pens need pressure for writing; especially oil based ball point pens.

The fountain pens write based on the weight that is applied on the pen and the paper. The ink that is filled in the fountain pen oozes out and you can buy fountain pen ink from online stores also. A fountain pen has a classic value and that means the brand value remains high note even after many years. Fountain pens are long-lasting and their impact or damage on the environment is less when compared with ball point pens.

Ball point pens do not last longer and they have less recyclable options causing havoc to the environment. The writing style can be altered using a fountain pen because of angles created by writing nib when compared to ball point pens. Cursive writing can be best learned using a fountain pen compared to a ball point pen.

When you write on certain quality papers like the ones Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks have, you will get good results with a fountain pen. You can opt for buying luxury fountain pen online or even buy it from a store near you.

Guide to choosing a fountain pen

When you go to buy a fountain pen, make sure that you are aware of different types of ink that are available. When you buy fountain pen ink, you should check the color of the ink. Black is considered as a classic one but there are other colors to choose from too. If you are buying an ink cartridge, then understand that the choice of colors that you can fill is less. If you want to fill more colours, make sure that the cartridge is filled with converters. The better option would be to buy an in pen with a built-in ink filling system as that would help in filling many colors.

The nib is another aspect that you should check when you go to buy a fountain pen. The size of the tip of the nib determines how wide a line it will make. People having a big handwriting can go for medium to braid-sized nib. People with a small hand writing can go for fine or extra fine nib. Nib tips are usually rounded or shaped. Shaped nibs give a line of different widths based on the direction of the stroke. Italic shaped nib is the most common type of shaped nib.

Then the size of the pen is important. Make sure that the fountain pen fits your hand well. The weight can be heavy or light based on your choice.

How to write with a fountain pen

Posting a cap at the end of the fountain pen while writing makes it more balanced and you should keep the pen at an angle of 40 to 55 degrees. The quality of paper that the Clairefontaine Notebooks have is high and hence, you can write well on such a paper. Use your arms and apply less pressure while writing. There are many websites like  that sell fountain pens. Simply visit them to know the choices available.

Fountain pens offer many advantages over ball point pens. Choosing a fountain pen and writing with it is an art that you should master the same.