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Top Fountain Pens to Transform Your Writing

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Even though ballpoint pens are easy to find from reliable suppliers such as Notedian, fountain pens still ring a bell in the writing circles. They have been used for a long time and they remain popular to date. If you are a pen lover who loves to feel the nib of a fountain pen gliding smoothly on a paper, then you should read this piece to the end.

The type of fountain pen you use will affect the way you write. The following are some of the fountain pens available from reliable sellers such as Notedian:

TWSBI Diamond 580

Many people use this brand of a fountain pen, earning a significant share of fans. It comes with a clear body, which means the ink inside is actually visible. Besides, the pen has chrome accents on some parts, making it shinier. You can easily remove the nib part for replacement.

Lamy 2000

This type of fountain pen has a contemporary look that is eye-catching. Its sleek black fiberglass body makes it light and easy to hold while writing. With a 14-karat gold tip, it uses a piston filler to draw ink from a bottle. If you want to buy luxury fountain pens, Lamy 2000 is just one of the most reliable brands that you cannot avoid. It is among the notable brands available from reliable suppliers such as Notedian.

Franklin-Christoph Model

This model is classic and extremely portable. It is available in a wide range of designs. For example, some have clips while others don’t.

Sailor 1911

This design of fountain pen derives its name from the time it first hit the market in 1911. Produced first in Japan, the pen is black with gold touches. It works with ink cartridges that draw ink from a bottle. Fountain pen nibs for this type are available in a wide selection, making it easy to have a different look. You can easily find fountain pen tips from reliable suppliers of office accessories. Try visiting this website:

Parker Urban Premium

Modest range in terms of pricing, this model of fountain pen provides a good value for first-time users. It writes smoothly although heavy for users with smaller fingers.

Lamy Safari

If you want a low-priced fountain pen in the market, Lamy Safari is the best model to buy. With a plastic barrel, the pen is light, which makes it suitable for any average user. It is also available in unique colors such as bright green, neon pink, or even yellow.

Pilot Vanishing Point

This model is among the priciest fountain pens. Despite that, it remains popular among users. The nib is retractable and you can simply activate it by a touch. That makes it safer in the pocket compared to other models.

Pneumatic Filling Beaumont

This type of fountain pen has a unique filling mechanism. You can draw ink into the reservoir in just a few steps. It comes with either gold or steel nib and looks quite elegant. Besides, exterior part is made of marble.

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Fountain Pens and Tips to Not Ignore

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Stephen Valcourt is a collector of fountain pens and his hobby has earned him fame. He feels that writing with a fountain pen is a permanent practice as compared to typing on a computer. He further says that one can lose data on the computer due to any malfunction, but when it’s on a paper, it always stays provided you take care of it and store in the right conditions. Valcourt says that writing with a fountain pen does not cause hand pain. He says that he always does research online before buying a pen, and in the same manner, you can research and buy fountain pen ink that is ideal for you.

buy fountain pen ink

 Advantages of fountain pen to ball point pen

Fountain pens are easy to write with. These do not cause discomfort when compared with a ball point pen. The fountain pen users would not feel cramps when they write for a long time. This is because the ball point pens need pressure for writing; especially oil based ball point pens.

The fountain pens write based on the weight that is applied on the pen and the paper. The ink that is filled in the fountain pen oozes out and you can buy fountain pen ink from online stores also. A fountain pen has a classic value and that means the brand value remains high note even after many years. Fountain pens are long-lasting and their impact or damage on the environment is less when compared with ball point pens.

Ball point pens do not last longer and they have less recyclable options causing havoc to the environment. The writing style can be altered using a fountain pen because of angles created by writing nib when compared to ball point pens. Cursive writing can be best learned using a fountain pen compared to a ball point pen.

When you write on certain quality papers like the ones Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks have, you will get good results with a fountain pen. You can opt for buying luxury fountain pen online or even buy it from a store near you.

Guide to choosing a fountain pen

When you go to buy a fountain pen, make sure that you are aware of different types of ink that are available. When you buy fountain pen ink, you should check the color of the ink. Black is considered as a classic one but there are other colors to choose from too. If you are buying an ink cartridge, then understand that the choice of colors that you can fill is less. If you want to fill more colours, make sure that the cartridge is filled with converters. The better option would be to buy an in pen with a built-in ink filling system as that would help in filling many colors.

The nib is another aspect that you should check when you go to buy a fountain pen. The size of the tip of the nib determines how wide a line it will make. People having a big handwriting can go for medium to braid-sized nib. People with a small hand writing can go for fine or extra fine nib. Nib tips are usually rounded or shaped. Shaped nibs give a line of different widths based on the direction of the stroke. Italic shaped nib is the most common type of shaped nib.

Then the size of the pen is important. Make sure that the fountain pen fits your hand well. The weight can be heavy or light based on your choice.

How to write with a fountain pen

Posting a cap at the end of the fountain pen while writing makes it more balanced and you should keep the pen at an angle of 40 to 55 degrees. The quality of paper that the Clairefontaine Notebooks have is high and hence, you can write well on such a paper. Use your arms and apply less pressure while writing. There are many websites like  that sell fountain pens. Simply visit them to know the choices available.

Fountain pens offer many advantages over ball point pens. Choosing a fountain pen and writing with it is an art that you should master the same.

Why Do People Use Bottled Ink Even Today

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If you thought that bottled ink is only to be used by those old fashioned people who love to write with ink pens, then you are highly mistaken. According to the latest reports, computer printers have taken to using bottled ink at reasonable rates which give perfect and flawless printing. There are many varieties of inks and they come in handy for various purposes. Of course, they are used for writing but calligraphy writing and normal writing require different and specialised inks. Thus, the demand for such inks in the market has not gone down even though most people use the computer or laptops to type instead of physically writing anything down.

bottled ink

Here are some reasons as to why bottled ink is so famous even today and is high in demand:

  • Reasonable Rate: Even though at times, you might find that a bottle of ink is a little more expensive than a cartridge, the per unit cost of printing with bottled ink is very low as compared to that of cartridges. Thus, in many printers, the former is used instead of the latter nowadays.
  • More colour choices: When it comes to ink you have a lot of choice of colours which is absent in other mediums. If you are to buy luxury fountain pens then you would be knowing that the choice of the ink colour extends from black, blue and red to green, brown and even purple. So many colour choices are hardly seen anywhere and thus satisfy the taste of every person on every occasion.
  • Eco-friendly: This might be a thought that needs quite a lot of contemplation but it is true that inks are way more eco-friendly than any other type of refill. This is because the ink bottles are mostly made of glass and have a hard paper packaging. Both can be recycled. Thus, most of your stationery including notebooks such as Clairefontaine Notebooks and the ink are recyclable in nature making them eco-friendly and causing less pollution in the environment.
  • No Other Choice: Some pens only require ink to be filled in the refills with the help of a dropper. Though such pens are usually ink pens but some luxury pens are also made of the same system which demands ink to be directly filled into the tubes. Thus, you are left with no other choice but to use bottled ink.
  • Smooth Writing: There is a typical smoothness in the writing which is developed if you use bottled ink. Also, when you write on notebooks such as Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks which have silky paper, the handwriting runs smoothly and makes it look beautiful and good.
  • Memories: There was a time when ink pens were most in demand. In those days, people used to write letters in ink pens and preserve them. Writing with an ink pen by filling it with ink from a bottle has nostalgia attached to it. This makes some people want to relive their memories and thus they prefer to write with ink pens rather than anything else.

Thus, these are the reasons why people still love using bottled ink and an ink pen over modern technologies.