Budget Funerals: How to Have a Decent Send-Off at Affordable Costs

For the most part, death comes unexpectedly bringing with it despair, pain, and confusion. As if it were not enough, important decisions have to be made regarding the funeral arrangements of the departed loved one. For many families, making the right decisions and planning the funeral service may become a challenge especially if it is their first-time experience. Luckily there are professional services such as budget funerals Sydney providers whom you can consult to help you in making the most fitting send off in honor of your loved one.


A significant challenge you will inevitably face even when working with a professional planner- is the funeral costs. Funeral services are certainly not getting cheaper; many funeral homes are quoting much higher costs than it needs to be. While you naturally would want to save on costs without compromising on the quality of the funeral service, there are ways you can ensure you have a more affordable funeral.

Here is how you can save on your funeral budget:

1.   Go for a simple funeral service

Choosing a simple funerals service does not in any way mean you are cutting corners in honoring the dearly departed just to save on costs. You can still have a special memorial service without complicated logistics and avoidable expenses such as obituaries or announcements.

Other than going for an indoor funeral service that is at a different venue from the grave site, you can opt for a graveside service. This option is more affordable as it will save you on transportation costs among other incidentals.

2.   Choose an alternative venue for your memorial service

Funeral homes usually have an allocated area where grieved families can hold special memorial services for their loved one. While this is a good option especially if you’ve planned an open casket or viewing session, there are other alternative venues you should consider that will cost little to no money at all, for example, your church or a meeting space within your local area.

3.   Look at discounted packages

No one funeral is similar to the other as different families have their personal preferences and traditions that they need to observe. Sometimes these preferences may be too costly, that is why you should work with your budget funerals Sydney planner to look at discounted packages from funeral homes that are closest to your needs. You can also request for additional arrangements that can be added to the package.

4.   Consider an alternative funeral

Other than a traditional ceremony that involves interment with a burial vault of a casket, there are other dignified alternatives such as cremation that is a much cheaper option and is gaining in popularity in the world today.

Above everything else, the ultimate way to ensuring you have an affordable yet perfect funeral sendoff that will be fit your deceased friend or a family member is by working with an experienced and competent funeral planner.

Choosing an executive who specializes in affordable funeral arrangements will save you from the pressure of orchestrating a great service. You should consider working with Academy Funeral Services – the leading provider of budget funerals in Sydney and its wider region.