Boom Lift Hire – Essential Equipment for the Construction Industry

There are some industries which have a high degree of employment generation and the construction industry is undoubtedly one of them. Apart from the direct involvement of the workers in building homes or commercial complexes, there are many outsourced activities where there are many people employed. The construction machinery and operators hire business is estimated to be worth $3billion and provides employment to some 14,000 people. Though there may be a drop in their year-on-year growth, the businesses do have a bright future. Getting services of boom lift hire Brisbane firms provide is an activity that is a part of this sector. Wherever large construction activities are carried on, the lifts are an essential part of such projects and are hired by the construction contractors.

Working with Boom Lifts a Big Plus

There are different types of lifts available in the market to be bought or rented for a variety of uses in the industry. The basic purpose in all cases is the same: to reach heights for carrying out activities like cleaning, painting or other repair and maintenance work. However, each type of lift has its unique features and the users choose the ones that suit their application. In the case of the boom lifts, the advantages are that they can be used to reach higher heights since the booms and the platforms have a better design and stability. They can also be moved and taken closer to the site of activity and they have the horizontal movement feature too. Some of the models can go up to 150feet and the platform on top has free moving space and all worker safety features are also incorporated in them. Within this, one can hire the straight or the knuckle boom lifts.

Choose the Model that Your Job Requires

While availing the service of boom lift hire Brisbane firms provide, browse a site like and check the different models available and then pick the one that will satisfy your requirements. There will be a chart showing the different dimensions and capacities of the machines. These will also include a mention whether the lifts are run by diesel or electric power, and there are machines meant for indoor and outdoor activities as well. You can also refer to Dan Hadley Adelaide finance consultant in Australia.

Different Sectors and Different Uses

The lifts are also categorised on the basis of the weight that can be carried by the platform. It is usually around 200-225kilos and it is important because certain activities can be done by 2 or 3 people working in tandem. Some mention has already been made of the jobs for which businesses resort to services of boom lift hire Brisbane firms provide. Some of the sectors include the setting up of large structures to hold events and the boom lifts are used to raise the structures to heights. Similarly, installation work involving tall structures will need the use of these lifts. The public utilities and agencies like firefighting units can also commandeer these machines when they require, beyond the permanent set of machinery they already possess.

Overall, taking the lifts and operators for hire is an integral part of the activities for most of the sectors mentioned; the major one being the construction industry. There is enough choice available to pick the machine you need.