3 Irreplaceable Factors to Look for in an SEO Company this 2014

Search engines, particularly Google, have made quite a lot of changes, or should we say improvements in their algorithm to stir and level the playing field for optimization for all websites from all industries and niches across the world. As someone who is starting in an online business, this means good news, as it gives you the fighting chance to compete against the giants in your market. But if you’re starting your online business from scratch, you definitely need all the help you can get for your business. This is where the importance and benefits of having the services of an SEO company gets into the picture.

SEO Company
SEO Company

A good Search engine optimisation company provides wide range of services to cater your business’ needs. They customize their search engine optimisation services for your business need. But with hundreds of thousands of service providers out there, how do you narrow your search to one company that can do everything for you?  Here are three of the most important qualities to look for in a SEO company this 2014:

Capability to make great content.

Though nobody knows how the new algorithms of Google work, one thing is for sure (and they really emphasized this in many of their press releases), they now favor fresh, relevant and good quality content. Search engines want to provide the best information for people, and websites with this content are ranked better in SERPs (Search Engines Results Pages), which equates to better ranking and better targeted traffic. A good company can provide fresh, valuable, informative and unique content for their client’s websites.

Can integrate with Social Media

Wide billions of active users across the globe, the power of social media is undeniable, and as an online entrepreneur, you can definitely make good use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube for your website’s branding and marketing. A good SEO company knows how to utilize various social media platforms and make it for your online business. This helps your brand reach its target market, invited targeted traffic to the website, improve brand’s popularity and ultimately, better your chances for conversion, be it in subscription or sales. Also, social media websites allows you to encourage your audience to share and help you in word-of-mouth.


For someone who is just starting in an online business, you obviously don’t want to risk your time, money and the fate of online business in the hands of incompetent amateurs. A good service company is well-experienced and well-equipped to take your website and online business to the next step. You can see this from their portfolio and clients’ feedbacks. Check out their credentials and consider the comments and reviews of their past and present clients to know more about their quality of service.

Whether you’re starting an online business, a physical retail store, or offer professional services, or combinations, you definitely need a good online presence. Having a website is not enough, as you just can’t expect for people to stumble upon your site and know the things you offer. It doesn’t work that way. This is where SEO services can be of great help for you – they will help build your brand through better online presence, reach to your target market through optimization and the most popular and in-demand service – social media marketing. Visit http://getmoretraffic.com.au