Top Fountain Pens to Transform Your Writing

Even though ballpoint pens are easy to find from reliable suppliers such as Notedian, fountain pens still ring a bell in the writing circles. They have been used for a long time and they remain popular to date. If you are a pen lover who loves to feel the nib of a fountain pen gliding smoothly on a paper, then you should read this piece to the end.

The type of fountain pen you use will affect the way you write. The following are some of the fountain pens available from reliable sellers such as Notedian:

TWSBI Diamond 580

Many people use this brand of a fountain pen, earning a significant share of fans. It comes with a clear body, which means the ink inside is actually visible. Besides, the pen has chrome accents on some parts, making it shinier. You can easily remove the nib part for replacement.

Lamy 2000

This type of fountain pen has a contemporary look that is eye-catching. Its sleek black fiberglass body makes it light and easy to hold while writing. With a 14-karat gold tip, it uses a piston filler to draw ink from a bottle. If you want to buy luxury fountain pens, Lamy 2000 is just one of the most reliable brands that you cannot avoid. It is among the notable brands available from reliable suppliers such as Notedian.

Franklin-Christoph Model

This model is classic and extremely portable. It is available in a wide range of designs. For example, some have clips while others don’t.

Sailor 1911

This design of fountain pen derives its name from the time it first hit the market in 1911. Produced first in Japan, the pen is black with gold touches. It works with ink cartridges that draw ink from a bottle. Fountain pen nibs for this type are available in a wide selection, making it easy to have a different look. You can easily find fountain pen tips from reliable suppliers of office accessories. Try visiting this website:

Parker Urban Premium

Modest range in terms of pricing, this model of fountain pen provides a good value for first-time users. It writes smoothly although heavy for users with smaller fingers.

Lamy Safari

If you want a low-priced fountain pen in the market, Lamy Safari is the best model to buy. With a plastic barrel, the pen is light, which makes it suitable for any average user. It is also available in unique colors such as bright green, neon pink, or even yellow.

Pilot Vanishing Point

This model is among the priciest fountain pens. Despite that, it remains popular among users. The nib is retractable and you can simply activate it by a touch. That makes it safer in the pocket compared to other models.

Pneumatic Filling Beaumont

This type of fountain pen has a unique filling mechanism. You can draw ink into the reservoir in just a few steps. It comes with either gold or steel nib and looks quite elegant. Besides, exterior part is made of marble.

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